The 2019 rulebooks are here!


This year, we will run the following events at the NYC Regional Competition:

Anatomy & Physiology

Battery Buggy


Circuit Lab

Crime Busters

Density Lab

Disease Detectives

Duct Tape Challenge - a Trial Event

Dynamic Planet

Elastic Launched Glider

Experimental Design





Potions and Poisons

Quiz Bowl - a Trial Event

Road Scholar - Each team will need a copy of the current AAA map of CT, MA and RI.  Please bring it with you to the competition.  We will not have extras.

Roller Coaster


Write It, Do It

Event Rules

This year, the Official Rulebook is available free, online.  Scroll down to download the book.  Be sure to check the National website for Clarifications and changes.  Note - even if you have the rulebook, your team still has to be registered to participate.

Schedule for March 2

We will follow this schedule for the NYC Regional Competition.  I reserve the right to alter it slightly until early December - it depends on the number of teams that are registered.  Rooms will be added at a later time.

Note the designations odd and even.  Check your team number.  All odd numbered teams must compete in the odd time slots; even in the even slots.  Note that all teams from one school are scheduled at the same time slot.

You can download a copy of the schedule in the Download section below.  It's called 2019 no rooms copy.


The rulebook has been added on September 4th!  You can now download your free copy.  But remember, your team is not registered unless you have filled out the form on Ezra and then sent back the response form with the payment for the team.  It is really important for the Region that you complete registration as soon as possible - that way I have a clue as to how many teams will be participating.  I have been told that the trial events will be the same as last year, so I am linking last year's trial events.  I will update them if the rules are modified.  I am also linking the Parasitology rules (another trial event).  Note that we are not running Parasitology in NYC, but it will be run at the State.