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Register NOW for March 2, 2019 Olympiad!

To Register, go to New York State Science Olympiad, on the Ezra website here.  You will fill out the form.  When you receive the acknowledgement email, print it out and mail it in with fee of $225 to the address on that website.  Your school will not be officially registered until the fee is received in the SciOly office.

Note that a school may field up to 3 teams, but you'll need to register (and pay for) each team separately.  If your school has more than one team, please use the designations A, B and C after the school name.  NYC public schools, please register with the name of your school, and not its number.  So your registered name might be Washington Team A, and not MS47.

A team may have up to 15 students.  Note that you cannot have more than 5 9th graders on your team.  This year, for the first time, you may register 2 alternates for each team.  These alternates are team specific.  In other words, if Mary Frank is a B team alternate, she may not participate with Team A.

It is really important that you register soon.  The number of medals we can award for each event depends on the number of teams registered in early December.  The more teams, the more medals.

These teams are already registered! Please note your assigned team number

Several teams have started the registration process, but your team is not considered registered until the fee has been paid, and I have been notified of receipt by the State SciOly Office.  As soon as teams are fully registered, they will be listed here.

Gordon Parks School for Inquisitive Minds -  NEW SCHOOL! - Team #1

Buckley School - Teams A, B, C- Teams #3, 5, 7

Brooklyn Amity - Team 2

American Dream - Team 4

Our Lady of Hope - NEW SCHOOL! Teams A,B,C - Teams 6,8,10

Cunningham - NEW SCHOOL! - Team 12

Bay Academy - Teams A,B,C - Teams 14,16,18

Sunset Park - Team 9

Collegiate - Team 11

Salk School of Science - Teams A,B, C - Teams 13, 15, 21

St. Ignatius Loyola - Team 20

Hawthorne - Teams A, B - Teams 17, 19

Hellenic Classical  - Team 22

Queens School of Inquiry - Team 23

Bronck - Team 24

Calhoun - Team 25

Montauk - Teams A,B - Teams 26, 28

Xaverian - Teams A, B - Teams 27, 31

Anderson - Team 29

Poly Prep - Team 30

Required Forms

Some of the forms needed for the competition are new this year.  The complete packet of forms can be found at this link on the State website.  

Please make sure you are using the new forms.

They include the: Final Student Registration Form

Medical form

Publicity Form

Code of Conduct form

Vandalism form

and more

Be sure that you have them all!  Note that some of the forms have changed.  If you've been using old forms, you need to update with new ones.  Thanks.                 

Coaches' Meetings

Two identical coaches meetings will be held early in January.  Please make sure one of your school's coaches attends one of the meetings:

Wednesday, January 9 - 3:30PM (or as soon as you can make it) -

    Hawthorne MS 74, 61-15 Oceania St - intersection of the Long Island Expwy - in Bayside

Thursday, January 10 - 3:45

    The Buckley School  - 112 E. 73 St  2nd floor.  Note that there is no signage on the building.

 Your school must have a representative at ONE of the meetings.  If one of the coaches cannot attend, you need to send an administrator or a parent or a friend.   Each year, problems at the competition would have been avoided if every school had attended the Mandatory meeting.  Penalty points will be deducted from teams that do not have representatives at one of the meetings.


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